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Originally Posted by BlahISuck View Post
Goshdarn you youthful libertine types, making me feel so inadequate XD

How do you perceive the body odour of the gender you're attracted/not attracted to?
If a guy has a bad body odor protruding from his armpits specifically, because that's the most gross smell imo, or from anywhere else on his body, I find that completely disgusting, lol, although I find good-looking, sweaty guys attractive (from a distance, because sweat obviously makes you smell). Also, I like when guys wear cologne, although I don't wear any myself. That goes for both sexes. I like the smell of women's fragrances better than men's, but yeah.

Honestly, when I'm with someone, whether it be male or female, I don't really take smell into account unless there's an obvious (bad) odor coming from them. Other than that, as long as you wear deodorant, I'm fine. :p

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