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Oh wow, I've got a heap of epic moments, mostly at Primary School, since my interest kind od faded toward High School. (Moreso, no one played it anymore aside from me, so I was a little embarrassed and only played at home with my sis from then on haha). Anyway, at my Primary School, there was a heap of duelists and essentially we played all lunch time and recess haha. The group who played consisted of Years 3 and 4 (me) and the 'big kids' the 5's and 6's. We had laddering system much like GX dorms and newbs would start of in Slither Red move to Ra Yellow and and finally Obelisk Blue. I joined as a noob and everyone picked on me haha. I didn't have much of a deck honestly, and sure wasn't as talented as others, especially the year 6s who thrashed duelists like us.

By fondest memory/epic moment was when I was dueling the toughest duelist at our school. His deck primarily centred around Blue Eyes White Dragon and he was thwarting me. He'd already got me down to 500 LP and he was 600. He had his Blue Eyes Ultimate out and all I had was a face down def card. (Red eyes B chick). Lucky for me though I had a plan (although albeit a bit sketchy.) I had Enchanted Javelin face down and so when he attacked I activated it and was back up to 5000. Red eyes B chick was flipped and I was then able to summon Red Eyes B Dragon from my hand to the field. He ended his turn and I actived Fissure which destroyed his only monster, Blue Eyes Ult. leaving him wide open. I attacked him directly. He activated Negate Attack which well, negated my attack haha. Nonetheless I followed that up with Hinotama slicing him down to 100 before using pot of Greed to draw two cards. Luckily for me I snagged Ookazi, leaving him with -200LP and me the winner! Haha

It was tough, but I was really proud.
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