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Although it's likely that unless we have an Independence Day situation, we will not know the answer to this for many, many decades (if not a hundred and so years), I think that it's silly to conclude that there is no other life in the universe. No other life out in the universe apart from us? A highly arrogant thought, although it is one that we have no choice in thinking, there being no proof as to whether there is life out there or not. But really, there should be biological life out there somewhere. Bacterial at the least.

But, extraterrestrial intelligence? That I'm not sure of. Again, I think it's highly arrogant to conclude that there cannot be any other intelligent life out there, but there's a difference between bacterial life and organisms that can think on many different levels like us. The existence of intelligent life out there in the universe is not something I'm willing to place a bet on.
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