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    imo music hasn't been good since '00. All I ever hear people talking about is Lady Gaga, Niki Minaj and Katy Perry. They're all horrible. Every one of their songs. Not to mention, the lyrics, music videos and just general behaviour of the artists (on-stage and off) is distasteful and hyper-sexual. I can't listen to any music nowadays without some sort of phrase relating to sex, "getting it on," making out or "check out dat bootay." There was this one song about summer love that my sister wouldn't stop listening to - I think it was by S.T.E.R.E.O. or something? Wouldn't know - how a girl should forget everything, "get it on" with him (it's summer after all!) and then drop it afterwards. 'Cause that's what tweens should be listening to. That's what's good for 'em.

    I shouldn't be hearing a six-year-old singing about bootay calls on the bus, either. Then to top it off, their parents laugh and call it "cute"! What's cute about that?

    Some beats are good, but every song is constantly ruined by lyrics. I'll stick to Beethoven, the Beatles and Coldplay until artists (and actors, for that matter) shape up. We need James Cameron to come o'er and raise the bar.

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