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    Heva, The Healthy
    Necromancer's Temple

    Heva had attempted to take off with the Grey brother's on their pursuit towards the Necromancer but midst her travels she was surrounded by three bulky creations. The Necromancer's demonspawn were rather grotesque and unappealing and would startle the less iron-stomached but not Heva. The healthy and plump woman simply held her ground, dug her heels in for a struggling battle.

    The heavy built one to the right of her let out a gurgling yell that heaved up some liquid gunk that fell to Heva's face. The mage was much displeased with the gunk, wiping it with her sleeve and glaring at the creature. With a wave of her jeweled staff she shot a furl of flame into the face of it. It returned the displeased look and glare and rose it's misshapen arm to strike down on the shorter woman. Heva leaded to the left, running into another grotesque being who came at her with a wave of its own misshapen arm.

    The blow hit her in the back sending her stumbling forth into the final creation. The three of them roared in unison, sending a chill down her back. Heva shouted, "Get away from me you filthy demons!" before twirling her staff in the air and setting it down with a sharp and determined thud. The tip of the staff emitted a roar of flame. The cyclone of flame scorched the three demons surrounding her and all three fell with a thud.

    Heva searched the chaotic landscape for the Grey brother's. She spotted them making their way up to the Necromancer's throne, slashing through a battalion of demons. She ran to help them but again was stopped by demon creations. This time there were many of them, small, but large in numbers. "Bloody hell," she said as her eyes gazed upon the bloodthirsty pack of undead. Before they could strike however, she struck first. With an wave of her hand a flame erupted from her palm, setting fire to the first line of demonspawn. Their sharp shrills brought a ringing her to ears as they collapsed. The second wave came through, smashing through their crisp brethren charging with blood curtling screams towards Heva.

    Two of them jumped to Heva but were swiftly deflected with a single swing of her staff. The staff impacted them in the sides, easily shattering their brittle bones. A dust flew over her eyesight, the dust of their dry skin and brittle bones, obscuring her vision. With vision obscured she didn't see the other three leaping at her. Heva was under attack as the three shrilling beings lurched, bit and scratched at her face and arms - that were raised in defense. "Get off me dammit," she yelled before setting her own clothing aflame in a barrier against the beings. The spawn were scorched and fell off her like roasted bugs. The bodies hit the floor with a crunching thud and their essence, visible to mages only, rose from their bodies and returned to the Necromancer's staff.

    Heva watched as the power returned to the Necromancer who unleashed a spell of dark lightning that riddle the burlier Grey brother with a dark static charge. The brother was cast from the throne of the Necromancer. Heva kicked it back into gear approaching the throne faster, dispelling any demonspawn that approached her. Once at the foot of the throne's steps she walked up them slowly. The Grey brother's had pinned the Necromancer down and now were speaking what seemed to be their final words of recognition to them but it was far from the truth. The Necromancer still had to the energy to fight. His dark storage was far from diminished.

    Again Heva was assailed by a group of the Necromancer's demonspawn and again she was delayed and again she had to fight her way out. This was no easy fight, two of her assailants were two times her size and the rest just piggy backed on the larger spawns blows. She was in trouble. "A little help here!" she called out, sidestepping a blow and spouting off a chute of flame at another.
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