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I know this thread was made in February, but right now in the lovely month of April, there are some good songs on the radio. I'm not gonna sit here and list them all, but I find the radio so much more tolerable now than I did back in January. There a lot of great singles out right now and I think 2013 is starting to find its musical place and right now, I say it's way ahead of 2012. This time last year, we were still hearing the "generic club beat" songs with no fire, no back bone, and sounded similar to everything else. The radio was unbearable, honestly. Right now though, there are so many different sounding songs and a better mixture of what's mainstream right now. I really like it, and I wish it could always be this way, if not better. When I tune in to the hits station here, I hear so many good things. Country (one with hip-hop blends!), rock, electric, pop (from men and women!), and it's just golden. If anything, that blend of mainstream music alone has helped tremendously. Normally it's either all pop or all hip-hop and it gets boring. There's more variety at the moment.

This is coming from someone that loves music of all kinds though, so don't take this whole thing as fact. I think highly of music of all kinds and there's only one artist I think is trash, so...!

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