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    Pokemon emerald solo challenge with Scizor first update:
    -changed the starter Trecko to Scizor with A-Starter.
    -started the game, changed the battle style to "Set" and text speed to fast.
    -named myself Kentaki.
    -done the beginning stuff.
    -rescued prof. Birch, named Scizor Bug Lady.
    -gone to Route 3 to fight with May.
    -taken the Pokedex and gone to Petalburg City.
    -in the way to city catched the first HM slave - Zigzagoon.
    -done the stuff in Petalburg.
    -gone to route 104, catched Marill and Taillow.
    -gone throught Petalburg Woods, defeated rest of trainers at route 104 (the second half).
    -gone throught Rustboro City to Route 116.
    -trained Lady at route 116 to level 18.
    -gone back to Rustboro to beat Roxanne and gain the first badge.
    -moved back to Route 116 to defeat Team Aqua grunt and take back the Devon Goods.
    -gone to Rustboro to take the Pokenav from Prestdent.
    -saved the game.

    Current state of my pokemon:
    Bug Lady the Scizor
    lv 20
    Quick Attack
    False Swipe
    Focus Energy

    HM slaves:
    Zigzagoon - Cut

    Number of Badges: 1