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    (Note: Sorry for not posting so much, trying to pull my act together in the real world for college.)

    Forest - Fairy Glade

    As Nath recovered, he spots a small path leading deep into the woods. Following the path and moving deep into the dark woods, a gentle wind blows through the leaves as small balls of light drift down with seeds hanging from each light. Moving deeper in, a large tree bearing oddly shaped fruit. A red Sandslash was sitting underneath the tree with a teal scarf around its arm as it opened one of its eyes. "Trainer, if you value your life, I suggest against eating the fruit this tree bares. Less you want to face a fate with a tragic end. 'He who eats the fruits of the fairies, shall find themselves in a living nightmare of no escape'..." the Sandslash stepped away from the tree with a box and handed it to nash. "Sorry to bother you, special delivery; someone sent you a box of Oran berries. I saw you walk here and thought it be best to warn you." He replied walking past him, he then turned back and chuckled. "Also, it would be wise to snatch a few seeds, their glow make good lanterns for a few days." The red pokemon burrows underground and moves away from the Fairy Glade. Looking around, Nath starts to see shadows move about the trees, though not the form of pokemon, these shadows looked more human, familiar even. Before he can approach them, he hears growling back behind him.

    Field of the Fallen

    The raging Espeon's body finally fully turned to pure velvet before it started thrashing its self all over the field, firing Psybeams everywhere as it bashes its body into several meteors sticking out of the ground as its psychic power creates an overwhelming presence that reaches the entire field. It cries in pain as it slowly falls, its body unable to keep moving and stay awake as it uses Dragon's Rage while its body is still dripping in sweat all over the field. It starts gasping for air before it tries to keep itself up on its own four legs. The Espeon was slowly regaining strength to fight once more, slowly getting past its weakest time in its Ascension.

    Standing Grace - Vendors Room

    The Hitmontop gives Klaus a bag of the handy roots and smiles calmly. "Enjoy the roots, excellent decision if you plan to survive here... Also..." He hands Klaus a brochure advertising Heroes Loft. "Up in the mountains, 2nd safest place to ever be! See a show, gamble at the hotel casino, or compete in the coliseum tournament and fight for your badges! Maybe find yourself a nice girl? Lethia isn't in legal-law-bound-territory, You could... Well, ya know, eh? Eh?" He bumped his arm with his elbow and winked before he chuckled a little. "Be sure to catch the sight of Gaia's Heart before reaching the loft; Trust me, its more mind blowing than you could ever imagine." as he continued to sell the roots off.

    Melody Grove

    As they approach Julia, a sound of music fills the air. The wind blowing through the trees giving off a faint series of irregular sounds. Irek chuckled as Shadoan looked down at his green partner. "There is a reason this old settlement was called Melody Grove." He responded as he lead Shadoan over to a tree with the wind whistling through the holes and branches. "If you head for the heart of the settlement, the grove gives off a sweet melody that can put pokemon to sleep very effectively... We don't have time though, we need to find Jack and regroup." Shadoan nodded as the green pokemon climbed up and perched himself on his shoulder. Avaith glanced at Mello but looked down at the ground hurt as he remained by Shadoan's side.

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