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    "Hmm.. interesting, a soldier with an innocent conscience, impressive. Very well, I will reveal what I can of the truths of this war to you," Mikkelson began,

    Wait, what? Turnip was a little surprised, Everything went better than expected.

    The General continued, explaining his view on the conflict. It brought several things to light, but the most important revelation seemed to be not so much in what Mikkelson revealed, but what he didn't, or rather couldn't reveal. It seemed Mikkelson, despite being in command of the HR, wasn't as involved in its back story. The right person to ask, really, was indeed Nicolas - and Turnip had already passed up that chance.

    "Dammit..." Turnip muttered under his breath.

    Mikkelson interrupted his disappointment, "Now, for the sniper,"

    Oh well. Swings and roundabouts. Turnip thought. True, he'd missed his chance at real answers, but on the other hand - sniper rifles. He supposed he could live with waiting.

    Suddenly, something blasted through Mikkelson's radio. Shouting, something about an attack, cursing, background screaming - whatever it was, it didn't sound too good. The General barked a few orders down the radio at his end, then proceeded to arm himself.

    Turnip had pulled out his AK without even realising it, "Something wrong, Sir?" He didn't even really need an answer to know he was correct. Mikkelson began ordering him, now.

    "Private, you have been assigned to my guard on a temporary basis, do well enough, you'll be rewarded quite handsomely!"

    Turnip sighed. He didn't suppose he really had a choice. At any rate, it seemed most of the people in this place weren't really involved in the reason, just in the... doing. Still, whatever any of these justifications could have been, from what he'd gathered, no party was truly innocent. It was the people behind them who were the innocent ones, and hopefully those few wouldn't be on the front lines. Hopefully.

    Still, the present objective he was being assigned was to guard Mikkelson. A pretty passive role, he could deal with it. The General didn't exactly seem a bad man, after all.

    "Right behind you."

    They headed out, down through the stairs, passing the receptionists. He called out to them not to forget the forms next time, which provoked a little response - he ignored it, of course. They took a different exit from the way they came in, Mikkelson getting in the driver's seat of his jeep. Turnip re-secured his AK to his back, then followed suit.

    He noticed the direction they were heading in, "You know I saw a shipment delivering sniper rifles some way up here." He pulled out his Desert Eagle and began to check it over nonchalantly, "Wouldn't be difficult to stop off for a while if we see it."
    Turnips shall rise.

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