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Penance Malum - The Meeting/I knew it!

It seemed that Aecor wasn't having his work cut out for him. Adam was just not going with whatever plan Aecor had and... Penance saw this coming. At least in several scenarios he would plan out he saw Aecor summoning them here simply to kill them. Yet... it was also a bit saddening. Yeah, Aecor no doubt put ALL of his thought into whatever he wanted to do, but it didn't matter now. Now Penance saw this meeting going several different ways. Either the two tribes would go full force at each other, try to kill the other's leader and slowly whittle the other tribe to nothing, they could still try to get peace but at a very huge disadvantage now with the Caelrus probably asking for something good, or... nothing could happen. Both sides go back to where they came from and this meeting would be a waste of time. Still, as Penance made his way through the crowd he was a bit happy that his thoughts on humans arriving didn't come true. That would have been a disaster right then and the-

What happened next was... well, to tell the truth yet again, wasn't very shocking to the Golduck. He had no idea how many times he had planned for this. How the tribe should act when their leader was eventually killed. Yes, he knew Aecor would be targeted because as he theorized before, with the loss of the Kingdra then there would be a great loss of morale in his tribe. Now Kip had taken up the power and was calling for an attack!

"You fool! We need to retreat now! Low morale and anger leads to mistakes you idiot!" He shouted out from the crowd, but he was barely heard over the roar of the other pokmeon as they went forth to kill the humans and the other tribe. Damn it! The humans had shown behavior in the past that they could get more of their soldiers here quickly! In fact he was certain that several more would show up, not to mention those flying things they controlled! They would be slaughtered! And with his stupid dark type immunity he couldn't call to his mind!

Alicia, we are leaving! Forget the Blaziken! It's not worth it! The humans will be coming soon with more reinforcements as they have shown in the past! We'll be slaughtered! Get ready to port and I'll be heading over there! Keep safe!

Penance made his way through the crowd. Where he was was made up of his tribe, but he could see fire types and what not breaking through the ranks and getting through! He threw some Water Pulses here and there, still trying to get through the tight crowd. At this rate they would be ripe for the slaughter!

Alicia if I can't make it to you try and take as many soldiers as you can! Get to the island and tell what happened! Don't worry about me, I'll get back into the ocean, just don't let those humans kill you!

He kept on making his slow progress to her, though he had to pause here and there to fight off some of the more 'passionate' Caerulus soldiers. There was one bothersome Marowak that kept trying to bash his head in with his bone and Penance grabbed hold of him and pushed a Water Pulse right into his mouth, watching his movements slow down as the water filled his lungs... then stopped. This was as good as it was going to get.

Alicia! Meet up with me! We have a prisoner!

He gripped onto the weary Marowak and pulled him along. Oh yes this was going to be good! A light from this cruel darkness!
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