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Originally Posted by Razor Leaf View Post
Oh my god this is hilarious haha. I actually remember having this game on a bootleg multicart I had as a kid, along with (real!) Pokémon Crystal and like 100 other things. Good times, that.

..tho idk how none of the language rubbed off on me.
Hurrah for dodgy multicarts! They were the best things.

That's also probably for the best too. =p

Part Sixteen: Get [Toy] From [Badly named city]!
Or a fight that shows I should do some grinding.


Let's get that [Toy] already.


...Okay, yes, but not just to pass the time.

Yes, also to jump.

Good e-monsters best friends.

Truly a good reason to rejoice with a jump.

Punching the snake leader in the face seemed to work wonders!

Funny you should ask that! (Why is the question mark in the [tags?])

And why is toy capitalised?

So he has it! ...Maybe.

You mean there's more?

Well that was easy.


Okay, let's think about this for a moment. All we need is a lousy toy to end a very long, and likely bloody, war. And this fellow doesn't want to give up his toy because he only has one.

No wonder you guys had the war in the first place!

What wait

*Sigh* Fine, let's get it over and done with.

Unfortunately... there's three things to note about the flaming bird here.

One - his superior level.

Two - he's far faster than anyone on my team, and has a far better attack than his prevolution.

Three - Only a two-on-one battle here.

I do have a pony though so let's try beating him without any grinding beforehand whatsoever!


Not as cool a move as Fly in the Pokemon games... but it's far more annoying. Any moves directed at him won't hit while he is flying, and he can come down at any time and attack straightaway. It's more annoying in multi-monster battles though.

He sure is.

So I guess I can only go for the boost-attack-option then.

Wait what?

Basically, this means my stat-boosting move failed, and I assume it's because KAOTES managed to stop it.

But how is that possible with a stat-boosting move, and especially when the opponent is flying far away at the moment? =/ Then again it could be just poor engrish yet again.

Well uh... as grind will also fail and RESUME is the healing move (pointless as I've taken no damage yet), I'll just go for ultra-super-mega-awesome move that takes a while to charge up. Hopefully KAOTES isn't flying when that is ready!

'e-magic' sure sounds fishy. Anyways, when that DP meter is fully charged up, the attack will fire.

Kinda impressive that Not-Sandslash survived that hit actually given the level difference and the type disadvantage.

Yay for dumb AI!

Type difference sure has a significant impact here.

What a mean game. =( I finally land a hit on a monster that can make two moves for every one I make and it calls me foolish.


Naturally Awesome Pony dislikes this and so fires a missile at the bird.

And this is why the pony is awesome. Nonetheless I really should grind some more.


\o/ About time!

No excuse to leave...actually, nevermind.

Why are you speaking like that, Bek? =/ And he IS bad. He wouldn't give up a measly toy to end an entire war!


Time to go ALL THE WAY BACK.

That was quick. And did you have to say it like that? =/

On the snake?

Bek jumps anyway!

Why can't you do it?

Damn straight, Bek!

...More evolution stuff?

Yay for mutating creatures with items!

But it's not going to be tough at all. =/

Or is this what the bird head meant.

Sure have! Mmm... something.


Hey, it's a fair question.

Only it seems Bek answers anyway. Which now makes me wonder if Bek was responsible for any part of the previous inane phone calls. =/

Time to delivery that darn [Toy]!

...On second thoughts, this IS a pretty neat gizmo...



Why would I show it to them? I'll just go use it myself. >:]

Yay for being friends and jumping, as opposed to fighting over nothing!

...That was quick - they replaced one of the snake guards with a bird already!

Opinions sure change quickly.


Wait, what? Uh...

I sure hope that's another Engrish/poor translation thing there...

But who are you guarding it from then...?

I also sure hope you didn't go and declare war on another species. =\


Yes, a keen observation! Water makes snake LIVE! Water can HELP E-MONSTER!

But you're birds and snakes. You don't have arms.

I hope you don't aim to go and steal that toy. =/ And so much for showing you that key - no acknowledgement of that whatsoever. =(

...Do what?

You're welcome...? I think peace lowered everyone's ability to speak. =(


Why is one of the options in the question!? And why are you calling me again!? You make me SO ANGRY!

You are a bother with your weird
spacing and ques


Yes, they are quite marvelo. One pretends to have items that he doesn't have and the other fights you for saying hello!


'Lol, what war? We've always been friends!'

I guess that ties up that loose end...? =/

...they sure have some strange love for that tree. =/

Where will it take us next!?

Exciting! We'll check it out in the next update!