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    I can definitely remember having these problems!
    The black screen is an overloaded offset basically so make sure that you have a transparent color and 15 other colors in your palette and the picture is 64x64. Now, for just a second, pretend you have no transparent color. The new sprite should be on top of the old one when indexed (If the picture is 60x60 and two pixels away from the 64x64 boundary, make sure the new sprite is 60x60 and in the same location on the 64x64 boundary.)

    APE Advanced Palette Editor is the way to change those colors. I usually import my new sprite and then go through and change the palette with APE to get the colors I want. Basically (emphasis on this) it's easier to change sprite colors outside of UNLZ-GBA. You can't only use that one program for all your sprite editing.

    This was the most frustrating thing for me when I couldn't figure it out. I hope I kind of helped because this can be complicated. I recommend checking YouTube for some helpful tutorials.

    Good Luck!
    Happy Hacking!
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