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Originally Posted by Luka S.J. View Post
Fame is a stupid reason to start hobbies in the first place. A hobby should be about your passion. If you're just making a fan-game to get attention, that defeats the whole purpose of making one in the first place (my opinion).
By fame, I am referring to the general overall popularity of the game. If you are making the game as a hobby, then you obviously going to want it to get some kind of attention (kind of gives reason to naming the game to start with), so the attention factor is kind of like a reward for expressing your passion. Attention is good here, since we are all amateur game developers and want to know exactly what others think. Criticism is important to many of our hobbies. So, in a way, it far from defeats the purpose. Nobody here makes a game for attention only, but when we post it online, we obviously want someone to tell us what we think. That is why sharing previously used titles would pose a problem.
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