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Name (First and Last): 'Shadow' Adler
Age (Ages 12-18): 16
Personality (2-3 paragraphs minimum):
He is a shy boy. He is socially awkward and doesn't get on with people. He cant stand up for himself, so that usually means he can get pushed around. He is always doing things for other people as he is desperate to have people like him. He doesnt talk, he just looks down and nods at people. He will never make eye contact.
He spends his time alone, he is a talented bass player. But no one knows as he is to nervous to show people. He also draws cartoons (if you look up the umbrella academy sort of that style). His room is his sanctuary, he has the box room of his house. One because he prefers small spaces and two he didnt want to be in the debate with his siblings in the room battle and he ended up with it. He covers his walls in drawings.
He is a kind person and hates to see other people suffer, and if he had to he would break past his shy exterior and stand up to save someone he loved.

Appearance (Either 2-3 paragraph minimum, or a picture with some supplemental text): Due to being the youngest of the boys Shadow has never really got new clothes, so he mainly has hand me downs and cheap bargains. So he usually likes to wear t-shirts and jeans. He found the striped glove on the street and the hat was from his brother. His Bass guitar case was a birthday present from his friend, his hair is a naturally a whitish blond.

History (3 paragraphs minimum):
'Shadows' real name is John, but he changed his name. He hasnt done it legally but everyone calls him that. He used that name on school books and to sign his drawings and the name caught on. He has always been shy and has only had 1 true friend. He was called Jake he was deaf-mute. So Shadow learnt sign-language to talk to him, Jake was also a talented musian he learnt guitar, Shadow helped him by letting him know if it sounded right. They wrote a song together called 'Shapes in the Shadows' Jake went missing a few months before, everyone said he ran away. Shadow has always refused to believe them, the day before Jack went missing he was happy, almost as happy as he had ever been. Jake also left his guitar, Shadow has kept it.
Shadow has always been distant from his family he has 2 brothers (both older) and a older and younger sister. So his parents have always been busy, when Jake first went missing they accepted Shadows denail, but after a month just said he was stubborn and need to continue his life. His borthers make fun of him for how he looks, and get him to do their chores. But his brothers have defended him when he was bullied his oldest brother Matty got kicked out of school for beating up the bullys. Even though they make fun of him and joke about they seacretly worry for him. After Jake went missing they stopped the teasing and have supported him.
At school he is the weird kid, he is bullied. And has been excluded only invloved to do the dirty work and to be made a joke of. He sercretly cares but feel happy people acknowledge him
Shadow was overjoyed when his family survived when plasma attacked. Although he watched Matty fight for his life to save him. As his family was escaping Kyrem attack Shadow was trying to salvage as much as he could, he manger to rescue his Bass and Jakes guitar, as he was shears hung for his scrapbook which he made with Jake, which included almost every memory of then together half the house fell. Matty realising his brother was still in the house went up to try and get him. Shadow got the scrapbook, he has Jake guitar ok his back and his bass across the front of his body. Then as they where trying to get out Matty fell through the floorboards and was holding on for his life. Shadow had to decide on dropping the scrapbook or saving Mattys life. As he grabbed on to his brothers hand the Scrapbook fell to the floor and he pulled his brother up. As they got out the house the rest fell down.
Starter Selection (Starters are below, with your choice of one egg move (Keep it realistic): Eevee (Iron tail? I manged to get an eevee to learn it for breeding)
Legendary Selection (You are allowed one legendary reservation. Details are below): Keldo
RP Sample (Just so I can see how you RP. If you don't have one make up a little prologue explaining why you're leaving for the journey (Other than the threat of Team Plasma): will do in a bit.

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