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Originally Posted by BlahISuck View Post
Goshdarn you youthful libertine types, making me feel so inadequate XD

How do you perceive the body odour of the gender you're attracted/not attracted to?
It's hard to say for sure. Either all of the ladies I interact with are too covered in perfumes and conditioners etcetera or I just don't notice because I'm not attracted to them.

On the other hand I definitely notice men. This may be getting tmi for some of you haha, but I absolutely love it when I can smell a guy. To the point that even having a guy walk by on a warm day can be a turn on. :P It has to be an accent to other attraction, though. Obviously if I'm not attracted physically then I don't really want to smell you. It's all a package deal.

I think it's all biology. Pheromones and whatnot.
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