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    Hey guys I was playing Pokemon Resolute yesterday and was completely shocked to see this:

    I thought for a very long time how the trainer's picture appear over the textbox and finally found out how it appeared there.

    Things you will need:

    Advance Pokemon Sprite Editor
    The picture of your trainer

    First of all I want to say that unless you know how to expand the pokedex or are willing to replace existing pokemons, you can only have 25 trainer's pictures.

    First get your trainer picture in style you want(head,full body,half body etc.) like this:

    Now open Advance Pokemon Sprite Editor and load your rom. In one of the 25 ? slots after Celebi insert your Trainer's picture. Insert it in all four boxes and click Synchronise Palette. Then click Write to Rom, define the offset to start searching from, Find Free Space and click OK. Make sure to remember its species number.

    Mine one's species number is 253

    Now you can make a script in XSE such as this:

    #dynamic 0x800000
    #org @start
    showpokepic 0xFD 0x0 0x4
    msgbox @hi
    callstd 0x4
    #org @hi
    = Hi Aryan!
    The ones in the bold are the main parts.

    showpokepic shows a pokemon picture. 0xFD is the pokemon number in Hex (253). 0x0 and 0x4 are coordinates. You can use any but I recommend these as 0x0 and 0x4 makes the picture appear just over the textbox. hidepokepic hides the picture.

    Now compile it and assign it to any person in A-Map. Now check the rom:

    Viola!, you have the trainers picture over the textbox. (I know mine has some outline problems but if you make the background colour different from any other colour in the sprite, it should work fine)


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