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    Well, this is a experimental scene from a story that I am planning. The story itself likely won't be written for some time, but until then, I've got a series of scenes. Enjoy.


    As he struggled to stand amid the destruction, he looked out into the great, ruined chamber.
    The machine, the titanic marvel of modern science that once stood tall and proud against the laws of nature, was now replaced by a blinding, vertical fissure that glowed with a radiant, white energy. Blue flames engulfed the chamber as the tear in the fabric of space burned through reality like a cheap cotton rag.

    The man slowly stood amid the smoking carcasses of his naive co-workers that littered the now-inoperable observation deck. He pushed his cracked glasses further up on the bridge of his nose as he tried to keep himself from breaking into hysteria. Shielding his eyes, he took a tentative step forward towards the anomaly their experiment had wrought.

    He cringed as he felt his worn-yet-reliable leather work shoes step on something both squishy and crunchy. He glanced down and tried to resist the sudden urge to vomit. It was Charles, or, at least what was left of him. The new intern from MIT's face was completely vaporized; only the semi-melted name tag on his lapel confirmed the identity of the arm the man had just crushed.

    The man took a deep breath as he averted his eyes from the grisly scene, and the other similar bodies that were strewn about the room. He looked straight ahead at the partly shattered window, though he immediately wished he had remained with Charles's remains.

    A gargantuan tremor shook the chamber and the science facility above it, causing fragments of metal ceiling support beams to snap from their wielded holds and come crashing to the ground while a demonic wail resonated from the center of the torn folds of reality.

    The battered scientist watched in silence as the portal warped and nearly inverted on itself as a wave of electric blue energy twisted through the walls. And then, he saw it. The creature. The very air around it seemed to shriek in agony as the unholy organism was wrenched into Earth from its own dimension.

    Orange scales and claws that seemed like could rend through a human spine in two seconds flat greeted the entranced scientist as it swooped down from the inter-dimensional gate on two giant wings on its back. It reappeared directly in front of him, its dragon-esque head looked at him and opened a large set of jaws that served as a mouth.

    The fear that had been holding the man firmly in place the entire time dissipated along with the remainder of the contents of his bladder as he was knocked to the ground by the dragon's tremendous roar.

    It eyed the destroyed computers and bloodied white lab coats of the scientists, before its nostrils flared as it smelled living flesh. It roared again as it smashed through the window of the observation deck with a single swipe of its claws. Glass rained down upon the panicked scientist as he began to crawl on his hands through the smoldering bodies. The dragon swung its flaming tail through the remainder of the glass and crawled into the deck. Sparks and smoke hissed from its mouth as it advanced toward the researcher on the ground covered in the blood of others.

    The man did not believe what he was seeing, despite it being only a meter away from chomping his face off with its massive jaws. His survival instincts kicked in at long last, fighting through his formal education of theoretical astrophysics just in time to keep him from getting fried as the orange dragon let out a jet of fire towards him. The scientist crouched behind an overturned metal desk as the flames torched the other side; he felt the heat burn against his back through the surface as the computers and keyboards melted.

    When the dragon was finished with its display of power, the man summoned his courage and sprinted to the thick metal blast door which separated the observation deck from the rest of the facility.
    Sweat was dripping from every pore on his body as he tried to get his shaking hands to grip the singed lever on the wall. Not even looking behind him for fear that he would freeze again, he remained focused as he finally was able to wrench it down, opening the blackened door with a screech.

    The dragon let out another roar; it flapped its wings and flew across the broken room at the man.
    The scientist dashed through the open door with adrenaline fueled speed. Once he was safely on the other side, he slammed the button on the wall, closing the door. The door panels sparked and slowly slid across their tracks in the floor towards each other.

    Within that very same second, the scientist winced as he felt the force of the creature slamming into the thick blast door. Through the layers of reinforced steel he heard the bones in the dragon's skull shatter and collapse inwards while also hearing its first three vertebrae snap and crunch.

    His heart racing like never before, he looked around the corridor. Then he saw it, painted on the wall in red letters above an equally red telephone, the word “Security”.

    The passage around him shuddered, a hellish chorus of roars entered the air from all around him, even the levels above him The man didn’t wait any longer, he dashed down the hallway and grabbed the phone off the hook. Breathing hard, he punched in the code on the number pad as the floor beneath him shook even more furiously.

    A voice on the other end picked up and asked him what the problem was. The scientist never got a chance to answer as a blood-curdling screech pierced the recycled air of the facility and the ceiling of the hallway caved in just behind him. A very large snake made out of solid steel slithered through the rubble and stared directly at him. His hands went numb as he dropped the still-live telephone and ran for his life down the opposite path.

    The bright ceiling lights suddenly flashed red, and the facility wide announcement system blared in alarm. The man could hear rapid bursts of high-caliber gunfire from through the vents as similar happenings instantly repeated themselves across the research facility.

    Violence was the only option he had to fix their collective mistake. He had to keep these creatures from escaping into the world above.

    Hope you enjoyed.

    Knightfall signing off...
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