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    Bay & Flow - Jubilife Outskirts

    "Adults have warred endlessly since the end of Pokémon—they've enslaved countless children for their own purposes, and even Arceus itself has turned its back on them."We're going to destroy the city, and those within it. You can either help us, or get out of our way..."

    Bay tightened up his fist and rose to his feet with a determined look on his face. He emerged from his hiding spot,his fist balled up tightly and firm at his sides. His legs were prepared to leap at this person he saw as an adversary as he walked towards her steadily.
    A long, furry and bushy tail pushed it's way through the surface of his skin and erupted from Bay's rear.

    "You blame the adults for slavery but then you plan to kill everyone- including the children? That makes you even more despicable than the adults to me! You're a hypocrite and you're most likely using the adults as an excuse to kill... The people from Eterna... You destroyed people's lives adult and child alike and what you are doing is selfish, just going from place to place leveling a city and then assuming you can go about wrecking havoc and reaping sorrow as if it would go unnoticed."

    As Bay got even closer to Emily he could hear Flow's protests to calm down but this went unheeded. Flow understand Bay's point although he didn't know much about his past, which just enforced Bay's view. Although his point was agreeable, it didn't save the fact that this girl could kill him with ease.

    reached into his bag with his left hand and felt the vial containing the strange liquid from Blaine's lab. If this girl wanted to kill, he was going to give her a taste of her own medicine. No more innocent children were going to be harmed whether or not he had to dirty his own hands with this girl's blood. If she tried to refute his statement in any way he was still going to attack, using the chemical as an agent that would make a fight with a wielder easy... if it worked.


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