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    Originally Posted by IceGod64 View Post
    Here's a couple of suggestions:

    Change the way pbPhoneRegisterBattle works to allow a conditional branch to let different answer let the Trainer say different things. For example:

    Joey: We should trade phone numbers!
    if yes: I'll call you if anything comes up.
    if no: If you want my number then ask me again.
    For this, you could just use pbFindPhoneTrainer(trtype,trname)!=nil in a Conditional Branch immediately after the register command. True means they were registered, false means they weren't.

    Originally Posted by IceGod64 View Post
    Additionally, perhaps you could add support for (But not necessarily examples of) different types of conversations to be allowed for individual trainers, or at least point to a place in the script where a use can define different phone conversations for different conditions.

    Off the top of my head, that's all for now.
    You mean a combination of the two existing kinds of contact, with the phone messages of the NPCs (i.e. use a Common Event) and the battle counting/activating of the trainers?

    Hmm, perhaps.

    Originally Posted by rigbycwts View Post
    I would suggest adding a "word filter" when nicknaming Pokemon like in B/W/B2/W2.
    Like censoring rude words? What would be the point? Essentials doesn't have a way to send Pokémon between games, so there's no way anyone else can see and be offended by what you've called your Pokémon.
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