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    Originally Posted by AmethystRain View Post
    EDIT: Uh, sorry, my computer managed to post the same post as above twice, like an hour later. Remove this please.

    ((Although as long as this post exists: Glad to know you aren't letting it go entirely. =D ))

    DOUBLE EDIT: Okay, well, as long as this is here may as well use it for something else I found, or, at least to look into.

    I believe Anticipation is working incorrectly. I've got a Toxicroak that shuddered when I sent it in in a double battle against Manectric/Seviper with the moves
    Fire Fang, Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, Crunch,
    Poison Fang, Aqua Tail, Night Slash, Rest
    Now, none of those are super effective against Toxicroak, so it oughtn't be shuddering. I'm thinking, maybe since Rest is classified as a Psychic type move, though, it's shuddering from that?
    You know notifications don't happen when you edit a post, right? It was only coincidence that I saw this.

    I've fixed it for the next version; it only triggers due to damaging supereffective moves (which aren't Counter/Mirror Coat/Metal Burst) and effective OHKO moves. Interestingly, Anticipation has never worked against Explosion/Selfdestruct in the official games.

    Originally Posted by Felgrand89 View Post
    The bug where you catch a shadow pokemon and the opponent doesn't send out a replacement is still in Essentials version 11. Where is it determined that an opponent has to switch out a pokemon?
    Fixed it. In PokeBattle_Battler in def pbReset, add the line @pokemonIndex=-1.

    Turns out what I'd fixed before for this only applied to double battles. This'll fix single battles, though.
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