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Originally Posted by Archeops12354 View Post
I like that ability! :3
Maximum STAB for every attacking move, nice! And it could also work defensively, if the opponent uses a fighting move, just use a ghost move and his attack will have no effect!
Actually, come to think of it that seems too overpowered...
Originally Posted by Forever View Post
STAB for everything sounds amazing. But would they actually do that? I know what MRAS said but it really does seem too strong, lol.
Yeah, it does seem pretty overpowered. What if a certain Pokemon has a boosting move (Swords Dance/Calm Mind) and utilizes their attacking moves in conjunction with this new ability? It could be devastating. D:

I'd like for there to be an ability opposite to Defeatist in which, if a Pokemon's health drops below half, that Attack/Special Attack are maximized.

Nothing too big. Think of it like Anger Point in Primeape, except more useful, I suppose. xD

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