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One of my most epic moments actually happened a few days ago - I was using a Prophecy deck against a Mermail deck and managed to get a ridiculous combo going with Judgement Day; basically in one turn I ended up with one Mecha Phantom Beast Drago-Sack, two Fortune of Prophecy, one Reaper of Prophecy and one High Priestess of Prophecy on my side of the field and continued to hit for an incredible amount of damage using Spellbook of Power and having had previously used Strength of Prophecy for extra power, as well as having cleared the field through Spellbook of Fate and Lightning Vortex (using Stoic of Prophecy as a discard to get Temperance of Prophecy into my hand for even more wow-ness). It was just one of those insane turns that leaves you thinking "wow, did I really just do all of that in one turn?" and definitely proves how over-powered Prophecy can be haha.

What are you guys expecting for the next tier lists?

I'm expecting Tier 1 to consist of Prophecy, Elemental Dragons and Mermails, but for Tier 2 I'm thinking there's going to be a few surprises coming in. I hear Harpies are making a huge comeback with their new support (Harpie Channeler, Harpie Dancer, Harpie's Pet Mirage Dragon (that card is the bane of my existence .-.)) so I wouldn't be at all surprised to see them break Tier 3, possibly even Tier 2. My friend adores Harpies so we use them a lot in our duels (usually against me Frogs) and they always manage to pull out some incredible combos, especially with the horrid new Mirage Dragon to have to deal with - they're certainly capable of taking on some of the higher tier decks with the right build. Who knows how far ahead they'd get if Phoenix Formation was released in the TGC :p

I wouldn't be surprised if Hazy Flame stick around the top too - Tier 3 perhaps?