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Originally Posted by Cassiopeiia View Post
Thank you! I played my first Pokémon game when I was 6 I believe, been a fan ever since. I prefer cute Pokémon too I suppose, but I pretty much like all Pokémon, bar a few exceptions... Incidentally Oshawott is also my little sister's favourite Pokémon. ^^
Can I call you Cassie? :p

Anyway, welcome to PC! :D It's really cool to hear someone who started out with the franchise at such a young age. I got introduced to it at around five years old so I think I can relate! What games have you played so far? I've played all five generations with at least two games each. Beat that. ;D

I'm just kidding of course. You mentioned that you like pretty much all Pokémon though. I'd like to say the same, but my brother makes me pick a handful to use that are outside of his own picks (because his favorites are off-limits, durr), so yeah. I believe you haven't mentioned what your favorites (and least favorites) are though! Mine's Squirtle. As for my least favorite, I never really liked Patrat. :(