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    I tried using it with Pokemon Silver and it worked. All my trainers in my hack work fine in game, even the ones I added and edited. If there are more than 494 trainers and the pointers to these trainers' data is different than the original Silver Rom would that cause it to crash? I've been using another GSC trainer Editor before I found yours but that one did not allow me to add trainers and change their data type, etc. So I had to do all of that manually but otherwise that trainer editor works fine with all of my trainers. I also went ahead and copied my hack, got rid of all the extra trainers so there were only 494 trainers, and I redid my pointers. The 494 trainers were still not the same as the original silver but I didn't think it should have mattered because the pointers still pointed to the correct offsets. However, after all the effort, it still wouldn't respond. I know for a fact there are no errors in my trainer data or else my other GSC trainer editor would have crashed as well. Is there a way I could send you my hack?

    I really want to use your hack because through yours I can add and edit trainer data without having to move things around in the rom with a hex editor.
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