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    Originally Posted by Samurott01 View Post
    I'm glad to see any good challenge be revived, so I'll join, even though I have like 6 challenges already.

    Game: Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, Platinum, White (Can I do an Ultimate?)
    Pokemon: (This list took forever to make because I had to go find the sprite pictures)
    Yellow: , , and
    Crystal:, , and
    Emerald: , , and
    Platinum: , , and
    White: , , and

    Alright, sign me up please! Peace!
    An Ultimate Challenge requires you to use the same Pokemon for all five generations... shall I sign you up for five different Trio-species challenges with these teams, or are you gonna pick one to use?

    I'm going to post my first update soon... I'm just having a really hard time with Roxanne because my team has nothing that isn't not-very-effective against rock :'(

    EDIT: All right! Sorry it took so long, my Internet was down. Here's my update:


    Moved into Littleroot. Met May & Prof. Birch. Got a Mudkip and beat a Zigzagoon. Hacked in a wild Beldum, Swablu, and Houndour at Lv. 3, and some Poke Balls with which to catch them. Got through Route 101 and made it to Oldale Town. Got through what I think is Route 102 (in the north) and beat May. Got the Pokedex. Headed out on the eastern Route and got to Petalburg. Helped Wally catch a Ralts and then continued east. Got through Petalburg Forest and beat a Team Aqua Grunt, earning a Great Ball. Reached Rustboro. Lost to Roxanne FOUR TIMES before finally beating her, through some stroke of luck. Got the Stone Badge.

    Got to Rusturf Tunnel and beat the Aqua Grunt. Got the PokeNav, Letter, and Devon Goods. Sailed with Mr. Briney to Dewford Town, and after training a bit in the Cave, beat Brawly for the Knuckle Badge. Caught an Abra to use as a Flash slave and got through that cave. Met Steven and gave him the Letter. Sailed to Slateport.

    Found Capt. Stern and gave him the Devon Goods. Beat the Aquas in the Museum, after which Beldum evolved into Metang, and then proceeded north. Beat May and reached Mauville. Did some grinding on the western Route, during which time Houndour evolved into Houndoom. Beat Wattson and got the Dynamo Badge. Got HM Rock Smash and taught it to a Poochyena I caught. Went north and got to Fallarbor. Went to the Meteor Falls and met Team Magma. Went to the Volcano and beat all the Team Magma Grunts, Admin Tabatha, and Boss Maxie. Got to Lavaridge and beat Flannery for the Heat Badge.

    Returned to Petalburg, where I am now preparing for a Gym Battle against my father, Norman.

    ANOTHER EDIT: and here's my next update:


    Beat my daddy and got the Balance Badge, as well as the HM03-Surf. Taught it to my Mudkip and used my Mudkip as a Surf slave as I Surfed to Slateport, during which Swablu evolved into an awesome Altaria! Got to Mauville and surfed east. Went up north and beat all the Aquas at the Weather Institute. Got a Castform (hooray??) Beat May and got the HM02-Fly. Went further north. Got to Fortree and boxed Mudkip and Castform. Went east and ran into Steven again, this time he gave me the Devon Scope and made me K. O. a Kecleon Lv. 30. Revealed the Kecleon blocking the way into the Fortree Gym, and entered the Gym. Beat Winona and got the Feather Badge.

    YET ANOTHER EDIT: here's yet another update:


    Taught Altaria Fly. Headed southeast and got to Lilycove City. Went south and got through Mt. Pyre. Got the Magma Emblem. Flew back to Lavaridge and opened up the Magma Hideout. Got through there, beat Maxie and met Groudon. Flew back to Lilycove and got through the Aqua Hideout. Beat Matt. Got to Mossdeep and beat Liza & Tate for the Mind Badge, during which Metang evolved into an awesome Metagross!