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Originally Posted by Jay_37040 View Post
Respect is earned, not given. And until someone can provide me with verifiable proof in the existence of a supreme being responsible for all of creation and our continued existence, I can only view the concept of a god as being a figment of the human race's imagination. I'm a blunt individual. I speak my mind. I make no apologies for this.
If you don't give respect in a conversation, you're not going to be able to understand what the other side is saying. I'm not sure if you've read my last post or not, but you might have ignored or not considered it. These conversations are only useful if we have some common ground to start from.

It's not about your bluntness but about taking a step back and consider where they are coming from, and you haven't been doing that since it's all about proof vs. no proof. Why don't you try asking why not having proof is acceptable to them? If you can't get to the bottom of that, no wonder you'll be making the same arguments over and over.

You're trying too hard to not accept - or oppose, in other words - instead of trying to understand someone else's perspective. This is why I want to understand where faith comes from, because neither you and I have a conception of what that is, other than the fact that it's irrational.

The purpose of this thread, and gimmepie put it nicely, was to "act as a forum for two groups with opposing views to understand each other." Perhaps afterwards when there's more understanding we can open the debate into something actually useful. You say you need tangible evidence. This thread doesn't, at least not yet.
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