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    Originally Posted by romhunter View Post
    I have one of HMDS. Maybe I can resize it? And for the beach, I want the beach cottage to be unlockable. Can you implement that? Unlockable things like house, seed or tools? And dog disk game too. It's good.
    Whatever works I suppose. I would probably re-sprite it into SNES style though if I can get it to look right. As for extra locations and mini games, those will likely be the last things added if they are. Many of them are too game-specific, especially the festivals. However, the horse race will definitely be included (at least a generic one that people can customize for their game). The other stuff will be extras that may be implemented after all is finished.

    As for functionality, I'm re-working how items behave a bit, and have hit a crossroads: should the item system emulate HM 64, HM FoMT, or HM DS? Both in terms of layout and item arrangement. In the first two, items and tools are separated (so empty item slots can't be used for items, and vice versa). In HM DS (and most newer HMs) tools and items share the same bag space, but you still have tools and items in different hand slots. So you can carry one item + one tool and the rucksack holds both items and tools at the same time in the same slots. I'm leaning more towards the last one, but wanted some input on this (and a great many other things, noted in the first post).


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