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    Now, I just wanted to see what people would think about my story lines. Only a few of them will actually be made. If anyone absolutely adores one of my stories (which is highly unlikely to happen) then they may PM me, and I might give them permission to use it. Anyway, here we go:

    1. Pokemon Rusty Gold
    Hack of: Pokemon Gold
    Story Line:
    You used to be a Pokemon. One day, you wake up and find yourself in a human bed and human body. You have no memory of the past except the fact that you were a Pokemon. Surprised, you find your way down. Your mother - new mother - realizes that something is wrong with you don't know how to use your Pokegear. She suggests that you talk to Professor Elm next door, because he might be able to help you. When you talk to him, he realizes that you used to be one of his Pokemon and demands that you take what used to be YOU - Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle. He tells you to talk to Mr. Pokemon, just in case he might know something about the incident. Mr. Pokemon tells you that his son has in fact had the same experience. His son is, of course, the Pokemon League champion. You are to be the Pokemon Master of the Johto. Then and only then will Mr. Pokemon's son help you return to your body. During that process, you get the Pokedex and etc., etc., etc. On your way back to Professor Elm's lab, a boy challenges you for a battle. He claims that he, too, was once a Pokemon, and he managed to find the body and take it.
    After you have beat the champion, he offers to turn you back in to a Pokemon. You are now too fond of your life as a trainer - you refuse and decide to remain the way you are.

    2. Pokemon Shattered Emerald
    Hack of: Pokemon Emerald
    Story Line:
    It starts with a dream; you are in a misty forest with only one path. At the end of the path is three Pokeball and a girl. As you approach the Pokeballs, you feel a sudden urge to take one of them. Inside are Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. When you grab one of your choice, the girl turns around and snatches one that holds a Pokemon strong against the Pokemon you chose. She challenges you for a battle. When you beat her, you wake up from your dream. You leave the house and enter the forest. Inside, you come to meet three legendary Pokemon - Mew, Celebi, and Jirachi. When they notice you, they call a group of Pokemon, and you fall in danger. All of a sudden, the Pokemon you chose at your dream appears. It shoos the Pokemon away, and the legendary Pokemon leaves, each in different direction. The girl - your rival from the dream, duh - comes up in awe and takes you back to the town. There, her father, Professor [???], tells you that the three legendary Pokemon need your help. You now leave on a journey to help the Pokemon. You are to travel three regions - in the order of Hoenn, Johto, and Kanto, and stop team Magmar Rocket and team Aqua Rocket from using the Pokemon for evil purpose.

    3. Pokemon Sea Guardian
    Hack of: Pokemon Sapphire
    Story Line:
    According to the legend, there are two Masters of the Sea:
    Lugia, the master of three legendary birds, and Kyogre, the master of the eons(Laitas and Latios). They hold the balance of the world - only one master can exist at a time, so every hundred years, Lugia goes to sleep as Kyogre awakes and vice versa. If both are awakened, a power too strong for the world to hold will be formed.
    You are the son of former Team Aqua leader, who was overthrown by the rest of Team Aqua. Your father holds the secret of waking Lugia and Kyogre - the destiny of Team Aqua. They plan to use the power created by the collision of Lugia and Kyogre in order to awake Manaphy. Due to this Team Aqua kidnaps your father. Your father has left a letter to you, telling you to choose one of the three Pokemon - Squirtle, Totodile, or Mudkip - and go on an adventure to be the Pokemon master. There is a cave only accesible by Pokemon Masters. In the deep end of the cave lies Kyogre and Lugia. After you capture each of them, Manaphy will appear, not because of unbalanced power, but rather because of the absence of the two Sea Guardians. You are to stop the Team Aqua from capturing it and save the world!

    4. Pokemon Elemental
    Hack of: Not sure yet-FR/Emerald
    Story Line:
    Water. Vaporeon. Peak of Waterfall.
    Electric. Jolteon. Peak of Thunderstorm.
    Fire. Flareon. Peak of Volcano.
    Psychic. Espeon. Peak of Sunshine.
    Darkness. Umbreon. Peak of Moonlight.
    Forest. Leafeon. Peak of Bloom.
    Ice. Glaceon. Peak of Ice Age.
    Boulder. Rockeon. Peak of Erosion.
    Steel. Metaleon. Peak of Rusts.

    These nine Pokemon controls the balance of the region of Nivek. Every decade, nine Eevee are chosen from the Cave of Balance, inhabited by thousands of Eevee and few human to help them. Each Eevee is evolved into one of the evolutions, and once the former "Holder" - as the Eeveelutions are called - steps down, take over their place in 9 "Peaks" of the world. However, the number of Eevee in the Cave or Balance started to decrease significantly in the last century. This is mostly due to "Elementalists", a group of people whose goal is to take over the nine Elemental stones located on each "Peak" of the world. They believe that if there are no more Eevee left in the Cave of Balance, the Eeveelutions will fade away, and they will be able to find the Peaks.
    Before then, every children of Nivek were given an Eevee on his/her 10th birthday. However, due to the lack of Eevee, they are now given choice of three starters-Bulbasaur, Charmandr, Squirtle. You, on the other hand, are given an Eevee by Professor Pine(The most well-known professor of Nivek) himself. This is, of course, because you are his son's best friend - which means your rival gets an Eevee as well.
    You go on an Adventure to be a Pokemon Master, because that's what everyone does. However, it turns out that your Eevee is chosen for one of the Holders. No Eevee with a trainer has been chosen before. But now that your Eevee is given a Sign of Scale, you cannot back it up anymore, unless you were to stop the Elimentalists and rescue some more Eevee to take your Eevee's place. So, now, you must stop the Elimentalists - and, of course, become the Pokemon Champion, just cause.

    So, yeah. Please tell me what you think about them... If you particularly like one and want to make a hack out of it, well, great! That would be appreciated!