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    I HATE religion and everything involved with religion. Religion does nothing but cause chaos and wars. People can't accept that someone else has different beliefs than them instead they try to force they're religion down others throats and wonder why it started a feud.

    I'm a christian but I don't follow the religion because I think it's bs. Nor do I try to change someone else's religions beliefs. If you're agnostic, you have the choice to be, if you're satanic you have the choice to be, if you an atheist you have the choice to be, etc. I don't know why people can't accept and get over the fact that someone else's beliefs are different instead they gotta cause chaos. God (if you believe in God) doesn't want us to spread the word like we're doing so, he don't want us to force it on others he just wants us to believe in the faith and that's all and try to spread the faith. If they don't accept it, move on, that's why I don't follow religion because it's gotten out of hand.
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