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    I hate religion because of what it's caused that's all. From my understanding atheist seem to have an more open mind when it comes to religion or anything. They're atheist for a reason and nobody should chance they're perspective on it. I'm not trying to change you're ways I'm just saying religions is a major issue everywhere.

    Being an atheist is just as normal as being a christian or any other religion. I don't know why people block them out of society or look down on them for they're choices. I don't know why people try to force they're religion down the throats of atheist either. I know lots of atheist and they will proudly say they are an atheist. They give they're reason and stop there. They don't argue against another religion and that's why I respect atheist. I don't care that they don't have the same faith as me, not everyone is entitled to the same religion it's a matter of opinion that's all.

    I spit fire, fr tho
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