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I hate religion because of what it's caused that's all. From my understanding atheist seem to have an more open mind when it comes to religion or anything. They're atheist for a reason and nobody should chance they're perspective on it. I'm not trying to change you're ways I'm just saying religions is a major issue everywhere.
We're not looking for those arguments here. If you want to argue atheism vs. religion, you can make another topic. But now you're detracting from where this threat is supposed to go.

So yes, I think an ally can be someone who doesn't understand what it means to be who, or what, the other person is. Because understanding, to them, doesn't factor into their decision to support someone. What does motivate them is their sense of right and wrong, and their love for their fellow human beings.
Okay I'll take that as a yes you're willing to keep an open mind and consider what religious folks here have to say. I'll also assume that by not addressing them you accept my premises in my previous post so you don't have to alienate the other side of the conversation that are supposed to be here in order to build understanding. If you're still not willing, then fine. But don't go around making people feel unwelcome and ruining it for us who actually try to understand.
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