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Originally Posted by Akiyuki Aretukasu View Post
I really like the idea of a new Trainer's Pokémon set. I'm not as big on the SP concept, though.

I may not be able to give adequate feedback, as I make fakes more for artistic purposes than playability, but what you have so far seems like it works. There's only 1 suggestion that I have: shouldn't Magnet Rise remove Amphy's Weakness during your opponent's next turn, rather than your next turn? It seems pretty useless if it only works for your turn, when you're not likely to be attacked.
Oh, whoops, that was a typo on my part! My pencil and paper draft of the card indeed does say "your Opponent's next turn". I'll be fixing that right now!

But not before I post the next card.

Donny's Golem
Lv. 36
100 HP
FF Rock Smash 20: During your next turn, any attack that would deal damage to the Defending Pokemon deals an additional 10 damage (before applying Weakness and Resistance).
FCC Strength 60
FFFC Earthquake 100: This attack does 20 damage to each Benched Pokemon (both yours and your opponent's)(Don't apply Weakness and Resistance for Benched Pokemon).
Weakness: Grass x2
Resistance: Lightning -20
Retreat Cost: 3
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