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Originally Posted by JNathan View Post
This idea looks good Varion! I have a few questions:
-Do Varion/Thorn have evolutions?
-Will the player have the choice between them?
-The battle vs the CEO will be a double battle?
-Could you say more about X Corp's plans?
I love the trains/bus/boats feature and the fact that some gym leaders do not focus on only one type of pokemons as well.
Good luck with this!
Thorn < Impure
Yes they evolve.
Yes, the player chooses.
If I figure out how to do it, yes, it shall be a rival battle between 2 CEO's vs you and your rival.
No, let's keep it a surprise.

Trying to make a good looking intro:

*Already changed 'go' to 'ago...'*

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