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    Originally Posted by Xilfer123 View Post
    If you're serious, I really wouldn't recommend a Magikarp. First of all, the Lost Learners are based in a forest, in which you wouldn't find much water apart from the odd ravine. Therefore, your character, who relies entirely on water for mobility, will not be able to do anything except flop around uselessly trying to get up. Also, unless the mission involves something underwater or near water, Magikarp won't be able to help at all. It all comes down to the fact that Magikarp is an aquatic Pokemon with no means of land travel. Not only would your character be incredibly derpy, but it would basically suck.

    If you have to make a Magikarp, though, the Lost Learners probably aren't the best bunch to join. The Crossblade Crew is located near to water, so at least your character will have somewhere to stay.

    Good luck. You'll need it.
    Lost Learners are in a desert by the way.
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