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    Well, you can upload it on a storage site like and send me a private message with link.

    Ok, I've got your PM with ROM file.
    I'm not into the code of my tool anymore because it's few months since I've released it, but let me try to explain:
    In the beginning, the program loads trainer class pointers. These pointers point to start of each trainer class data. In order to find ending of current class data, the tool finds a pointer which points to lowest offset which is higher than start data offset (finds the next higher value).
    It seems like you have some bad pointers. For example 915C at offset 0x39958 which points to 0x39c91 which is in the middle of Karen data, before Koga entry. The tool recognizes it as the end of Karen data and then freezes because this incomplete part of Karen data doesn't end with 0xFF.
    It's very possible that there are more errors of this kind in your data.

    That's all for now, I've got to go sleeping.

    Google "wiki iimarck trainers", the first result should link you to article explaining trainer data.
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