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    Totally read that as "Donny's Gloom" at first and wondered why it had those kind of attacks. XD

    Seems about what you would expect from a Golem. I'd still like to see images, though (I know text-based is also a form of art, but it makes it difficult for those like me who don't play much of the card game to comment). I think these would look nice with classic Gym blanks or Neo blanks modified to look like Gym blanks. You would need to make (or request) a trainer icon, though.

    Maybe you should consider teaming up with someone to make your text fakes into images. A lot of fakers I've met often don't know what kind of attacks to give their cards and make up something random or borrow attacks from official cards. Alternatively, you could create a thread for card spoilers where others can post (or request) text fakes so that image fakers in need of attacks ideas, etc. could use them. Of course, credit would need to be given to the maker of the text fake.

    Oh, and "Opponent's" doesn't need to be capitalized.

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