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    Originally Posted by Cerberus87 View Post
    …The only major addition was the physical/special split in DPPt, but would that by itself warrant an RSE remake? …
    Actually, the so-called 'physical/special split' that happened in Generation IV was really only a rehash of the existing physical/special split from types to individual attacks; if I remember correctly, a lot of moves stayed under the same category for the most part.

    Originally Posted by joshbl56 View Post
    True that they didn't evolve in the places beforehand but I think those would be the best place to add extra rooms/maps to to make them evolve, like how they add two whole routes, a [S]afari [Z]one and a cave right onto Cianwood.
    You're right; according to Bulbapedia's listing of cities and towns by name, Hoenn has 16 cities and towns, which is four fewer than Unova's 20 (I counted the number of listings belonging to each region after sorting the table by the 'Region' column, though I wish it would sort in the order that each of these regions were introduced instead of alphabetically.) That leaves a little room for GameFreak to add a few more areas to Hoenn even if they aren't settled areas. I'm okay with the Hoenn region getting the same treatment that Johto did in HG/SS.

    Originally Posted by joshbl56 View Post
    Well, yeah. I'm pretty sure there is a thread on here about how the same old plan seems to work for each game (if it didn't then I doubt people would be buying the games at all). While it does have the same story, I'm positive they would add extra content to make the game more appealing (though, retro style Contest would be awesome).
    The problem with having both the old contests and Emerald's Battle Frontier is that GameFreak would have to figure out how to point Contest-goers to that post-game area without reintroducing Battle Tents (was that what they were called?) Otherwise, I'd like this to happen.

    Originally Posted by joshbl56 View Post
    I think their best bet would be to add the event places (Navel Rock and Birth Island) to the game and then add some extra places to get other pokemon, like Dialga, Meloetta, etc.
    I'd like to see Navel Rock and Birth Island return to the main games, but what would you do there? Seriously, the legendaries that you caught there before have been made available through HG/SS.
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