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Oh, what. Jay, you're slacking. :c Sorry about that, I was partying/being very awkward looking for a friend.

Slaughter Off Midway(ish)
  • As of right now, here are the standings:
  • Retro: 29 kills
  • Jake: 31 kills
  • This is extremely close guys! On the possible chance that you two tie or get all 40 by tomorrow, 8 PM EST, there will be one final round. The Brotherhood Challenge
  • Essentially, The Brotherhood Challenge gives you one target: myself. That's right, I, Bloodex, will be your last target. Here's the catch though. Only posts made my me are eligible, and they have to be posts that I make after announcing The Brotherhood Challenge. Also, I'm going to shorten the grace time for me to save myself, no word as to how long just yet. Don't worry, I'm not going to go easy on you guys, at all.
  • The above only happens if a winner isn't made by tomorrow. So kill on!
  • Also, I have to give kudos to Somniac for creating these awesome emblems. I'll hand them out as soon as they've been finalized!
  • STOP. Due to a number of reasonable complaints, I'm stopping the slaughter off, and beginning The Brotherhood Challenge immediately. (Well, after I say it begins). You two shall be receiving PMs shortly.
  • For the record, this post does not count, and The Brotherhood Challenge begins now. Come at me.
he did it, not me.