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Originally Posted by GolurkIsDaBomb View Post
But see, that's why I think we need to have some sort of rule. As last night a line definitely was crossed, but it seemed to me that no one knew if they should have done anything about it, and as a result nothing was done. That's why we need to have some sort of line other than don't link pornography, not that it has to be completely strict but I think some clarification is due. I agree censoring everything and banning sex talk/innuendos is ridiculous but miming sexual actions or whatever you'd call what that was last night; there should be something prohibiting it.
And I dealt with it as a result. Everyone saw it, everyone thought it was grossed, I dealt with it from there, and I believe that should be pretty much the case with every single sexual discussion. Again, let the responsibility fall on the shoulders of the users, and let them dictate what's appropriate and what's not appropriate, rather than us doing it. Because if we step in, that would look bad on our parts, and we would seem or look too strict, because it seems like we cannot trust our own users to discuss what they want to discuss, which isn't very community-like to me.

Whenever a sexual discussion takes place, let me take this moment to tell you guys that you all have a responsibility as staff on this chat as well: You all are essentially leaders , whether or not you're leaders (rank) or not. You lead the chat, you lead the users, and you tell them which way is right, and which way is wrong, and then you guide them to the right place. However, we are not here for those who wish to just follow. I firmly believe that we have more leaders in our midst, that we have people that have strong shoulders and can carry their own. To do this, we need to step aside, and let the users make those decisions. We shouldn't make those decisions for them when they are perfectly capable of making that themselves.

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