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    Hello everyone! This is not my first attempt at creating a game, but it is my first time attempting a monster-catching game.

    Okay, first off of the list of many trivial things, the exclamation in the title is read as a "not", so in full it would be read as "Not Pokémon: Monstorybook". The reason for this weird title is that I wanted to only carry over the Pokémon games' battle mechanics, but otherwise this project would stray a bit from what the games usually brought into custom.

    It's not your birthday. It's not a beautiful day to go exploring for some reason. And heck, Pokemon don't even exist.
    Yeah that's right. You have a fairly normal dog, all the birds chirp as usual, and the plants just stay there, growing at exponential pace.

    That is, until you notice that your dog is now green-tinted, all the birds have hairdo's, and you swear you saw potted plant wave its leaves at you in a friendly gesture. And as if you can't escape this sudden change from lax to ludicrous, a talking cat and floating book explain that they need your help! It seems as if the Universal Library's Monster Taxonomy has accidentally fell to earth, turning all the modern creatures you've been seeing everyday into living malice!

    And so with false valor and unchanging attitude, you decide to help out the cat and book in recovering the lost Magistories, which seem to not only alter an animal completely, but seem to affect a person's lifespan as well!

    Now that is where your story starts.
    Finding these earthbound books before someone else falls from their fate!

    I will use RPGMaker XP and Pokémon Essentials to create this!
    This is now a sudden shift from "Idea" to "developing"
    Thanks to Maruno for the great Pokemon Essentials!
    Everything else is either hand-drawn by me or was already provided with Essentials, so credits to Gamefreak for making neat graphics!

    • Game is told in "chapters", with each chapter revolving on a different Magistory.
    • 161 new "Pokémon",(that have already been designed by me)!
    • Fairy Type! Also, Sound and Lunar types! Moves are being reworked to fit this.
    • Gyms/Gym Leaders are not present, but boss battles occur in important chapters.
    • Fordeux the magic book acts as the "PokéDex". It's basically a graphical change from the Pokedex
    • Bookuno acts as a guidance, assisting players by helping the player move along in the story. Basically, a hint guide.
    • You finished the game? After-Story is introduced, which lets you complete even more stories to have a chance at going against the legendaries!

    All the Fakémon that are in here are designed in the sense that each one should be made with an intent that none of them will feel like they weren't thought out. Also, at least one Fakémon from each evolution family will take part in a chapter. Here is a (constantly updating) list of Fakemon:

    Starters (which are based on Jap folklore):

    Tenki, Tiskoon, and Kabukoon.
    Each represent a hero, with many of the latter referencing superheroes, like Batman.
    Based on the Raccoon, or Tenukii if you want to be technical.

    Botappa, Stonappa, and Bouldappa.
    Lazy, fat, and obnoxious. Evolutions reference the bad guy or villian in movies.
    Based on a Turtle, or Kappa if you want to be even MORE technical.

    ???(probably Kitsun), Blitsun, and Explosun
    The "princess" or "damsel in distress". Each stage is based on a type of fog: smoke, embers, and wisps.
    Based on Foxes/Cats. Pretty obvious of what is is...

    Furral and Squafro.
    Based on a Squirrel. The head of Squafro is SLIGHTLY exaggerated!

    And, because I'm very lazy at reproducing the info from my Gallery in the Arts section of Pokecommnity, here's the currently done Fakes without names or stuff:

    And finally, here is the list of your gang you will be traveling with!

    (this is old btw)
    Hey, that's you!
    Unlike traditional Pokemon games, your gender will affect the story! Choosing the Male Character, for exmaple, will place the player into more masculine roles in a Magistory, while the Female will get more feminine parts. To counter the permanent decision of gender, you will be able to switch who you want to play as after you meet the other. After the encounter, you can then freely switch characters, since the other will travel alongside you with Bookuno and Fordeux.

    Speaking of which...

    Bookuno, the sassy back-talker!
    Bookuno's backstory involves being created from an unfinished Magistory, which explains his colorless ego. Now, he is trying to find and end the Magistories that have popped up!
    Bookuno will assist the player by providing information, and later on in the story will gain the power to rewrite the contents of Magistories,(think of it like picking a route in a chapter). This ability will in turn provide a new ending of a chapter!

    Fordeux, the Magic Book!
    Fordeux comes from the Oether, a realm dedicated to the taxonomy of creatures. He was sent to the player's world to record data on all the new animals that have popped up.
    That's not just his perk, however.
    Fordeux has the ability to "befriend" monsters for you to use in battle. Usually, this applies to stopping the bad guys from messing things up and using their fighting power to assist Bookuno in finding the Magistories.

    Important Characters: (REALLY OUTDATED!)

    Chapter 1: Fairly Mischievous!
    As the make-shift party make their way to find their first Magistory, the gang meet up with a riot occurring in Colossal City. Apparently, many people have been stolen from, and are blaming the Munizen from the nearby Forest. One person, however, claims that they aren't the menace, but has no proof to back up her theory. This event is obviously the doing of a Magistory, and the girl is a mediator between the humans and the Munizen, aptly named "Nissa". The group decide to help Nissa out at clearing the Munizens' dilemma and learn what Magistories can really do to it's environment.

    Chapter 2: Deputies of the Desert!
    This is Dustin and his companion Dinger, the Limbeleon. They reside in a town located at the verge of a train station, sitting just right atop of a vast desert. Growing up as the son of a Sheriff, his dream job was to follow in his father's footsteps. This came true, but through the effects of a Magistory, he is not merely following through will, but forced to because his dad has fallen ill with an impractical disease. With your help, you both traverse the desert, trying to find a cure before something bad happens!

    Chapter 5: Escort for a Naught Knight!
    These wimps are Phobian and his Fortiford, both knights from a far-off kingdom. But even though they're knights, they run scared at even the slightest fright! Through the help of a Magistory, Phobian asked if he can acquire courage and bravery. This was obvisously a monkey's paw sort of wish though, and his acquiring of such bravery is through saving a princess! The player is tasked at assisting this coward to the tower where this damsel in distress has been kept.

    Chapter 7: The Princess of Trash and The Walking Washing Machine!
    While exploring the trash-dump outside the confines of a rich city, the party meets a little girl who they believe is under the influence of a Magistory, but are not completely sure. Apparently, she claims herself to be the Princess of Trash named Apo, and is accompanied with a Washine, who seems to act as her caretaker. They both, said from Apo, have been in war with a rivaling gang of Compower's, a futuristic computer brought to life from the mystics of a Magistory. With a sense of mystery waving over the team, the player is tasked with finding out if there is truly a Magistory hidden among this community of heaps of litter, and discovering the truth behind Apo's weird interest with trash.
    Beginning at this arc, the player will have to start acting on decision making, because the fate of anybody in this chapter is based on the player's actions.

    And before I forget, here's a picture of the battle screen!

    And finally, thanks for reading! Feel free to leave any suggestions and/or ask any question you may have!
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