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Okay guys the week's over! Well, the week and a day. It's been decided that a Monday through Sunday schedule would work better than a Sunday through Saturday, so from now on that's what our weeks will be. That said, we're done with The Bicker The Better. Additional reviews, replies, comments, questions, etc can go right into the AG & BF Discussion Thread. Remember that the 30-day rule is not applicable in Episode Discussion so don't worry about that year-ago last post lol.

And now let's jump right into our next episode: Scare At The Litwick Mansion! There's the customary Bulba link for you. This is an early BW episode which involves Ash&co taking shelter from a storm in a mansion populated by Litwick. Also the TRio are around. We'll be watching this from April 15 to April 21. If you want to see what other people had to say about this episode, the original speculation/Japanese episode thread is here and the review thread proper is here.
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