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    So. Here I am, currently playing through White for the first time. I've caught Cobalion and Virizion with Ultra Balls. I'm going to go visit Victory Road again soon enough to get the third guy, whatever his name was. I caught Zekrom with a Quick Ball. And I have yet to use my Master Ball. Is this a unique experience, or does this happen often? And another thing, what should I do with it? Here, in my bag, is the one ball that could catch any Pokemon at all. Without failure. And I have yet to find a need for it, as I caught all the Legendary Pokemon I've come across with normal balls. Any rare Pokemon I find, I usually snag at the very beginning with a Quick/Ultra Ball. So, my question for you all is this: has this happened to anyone else? And if so, what did you eventually use your Master Ball on, if at all?
    I'm so confused..