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    Originally Posted by Anglican View Post
    Ooo! This should be interesting. My scripting knowledge in Ruby is tiny, Java being my 'native' language. I've actually been working on a Java version for a bit. However, In a way, you can model the new battle system off the Essentials one.
    a) Moves are largely the same
    b) The only major change you make is with the actual battle scene. I'm not on Windows, so I can't have a look at the moment, however, you know that minigame with all the jumping around and stuff? Combine that, with the essentials battle system, do a bit of tweaking, and you *should* be largely done... I think
    Good idea, but even with my puny scripting knowlege I know that when combining scripts you must consider "script compatibility".

    Also the mystery dungeon battle scenes aren't exactly the same at all. Most of the battles in PMD happen in maps without transitions.

    Originally Posted by Varion View Post
    I'd help with scripting and stuff, but I lack knowledge.
    Only thing I could do is generic Town events.
    Or at least try... :/
    Do you mean like the storage and shops? If not, at least that gives us something to go on.

    Originally Posted by Anglican View Post
    Also, which PMD version are we using? Red/Blue had infinite storage, only 2 bag pages, and held items were counted separately, while Time/Darkness/Sky had limited storage that increased as time went on, as with the bag, and held items remained in the bag.
    Explorers of the Sky.

    I'd also hope that this kit has some sort of dual screen in order to add more functionality to it (Like in Time/Darkness/Sky).