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Hanso SharpEye

When he returned to himself, it seemed like Hanso hadn't been breathing for the last few minutes. He bent over, hands on knees, and took deep breaths. Hanso registered Zane's questions and Penance's...victory dance, he supposed, as well as his words. The Gallade had a question of his own, though he didn't dare voice it. How was it that he didn't notice any such darkness when he talked to Genevieve before?

Hanso straightened up and looked at Zane. "Yeah, like Penance said, it worked." His voice was a little tired. "The only problem is that that...thing, knew what was happening." Going back over details he had dismissed before, he added, "Couldn't tell what kind of creature it was, beyond the whole shadow and darkness thing. Not real important, though..."

He frowned suddenly as he turned to Penance. "Building? Which one?" Hanso wasn't sure, from Penance's rambling, if the Golduck was more concerned with getting information out of a Sentinel, or with freeing the Pokemon from the enemy's grip. "If you mean one of Cape City's buildings, then what's in there that you'd need?"