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Discussions & Debates Rules
Welcome to Pokecommunity's principle "Off-Topic" section, where you can find a plethora of discussions about all kinds of world issues - the political, the religious, and so on and so forth. While posting in Discussions & Debates, please read these rules before posting.

Global Rules

Global PC rules apply here including, but not limited to - all posts must adhere to the 4/25 Rule, must stay on the current topic, no double or consecutive posting is allowed, as well as no advertising of a personal or monetary nature, no pornographic or indecent imagery of any kind, under any circumstances, etc.


Trolling is unacceptable on PC as a whole, and especially in Discussions & Debates. As the subjects broached here can be personal, deep, or sensitive, you're expected to behave.

Respecting other members

Sometimes, topics like these can get heated or passionate, and that's okay, provided that everyone's being respectful of the other members of the forum. Disrespectful behavior towards another member will not be tolerated. You are here to discuss and help others in a mature, calm, respectful, and tactful manner. Do not be purposefully hostile, offensive, passive aggressive, disrespectful, or resort to personal or ad hominem attacks when interacting with another member in this forum. Treat members with respect and decency, and they will do the same to you.

Discussions & Debates Vs. Off-Topic

Discussions & Debates is intended to house a range of topics, discussed in a certain depth, not found in other sections. While you may see similar topics here and in Off-Topic, threads here are meant to be more in-depth and articulated. For example, discussions about the effects of steroids could go into more ideas like body image issues, use of other enhancing drugs, etc.). Discussions & Debates is meant to house discussions on news and current events, and more "academic" and socio-cultural topics. Off-Topic is meant to house a wider variety of lighter, less in-depth topics that aren't strictly about worldly topics.

Regarding Mature content

As a section that tackles topics about some more adult oriented or "PG-13" topics, Discussions & Debates usually stretches the boundaries of what's appropriate, content wise, on PC. Topics that could be construed as exceeding the PG-13 boundary should be brought to the D&D moderators or a Higher Staff member to be OK'd before being posted. Do not post threads of an explicit, vulgar, or explicitly sexual nature, or any associated content, in the forum.

Feel free to contact gimmepie or Nah with any questions; use the Staff Feedback Thread for any concerns or comments. Happy Posting!