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I read that title as Human Genome Project first, but then realised that I'd misread and wished that I hadn't. This is muuuuuch worse.

I don't understand how someone can patent parts of life, honestly. Genes are discovered; they're not an idea that someone comes up with and not a product that someone manufactures. The idea of patenting them is just... ugh. Absolutely absurd and nothing but money grabbing.

I also feel like the argument that the companies isolated the genes, therefore making them a product of human ingenuity to be a seriously weak one. If I pull a leaf off of a tree, that doesn't make it a product of ingenuity. It makes it a leaf that's been pulled off a tree. Just like an isolated gene is... nothing more than a gene removed from DNA. I assume the companies isolated them through the use of restriction enzymes too. Guessing they made those themselves? No? Then that's not theirs either so they can't even claim to have come up with the tools used to isolate the genes.

The companies in no way own genes and should absolutely not be able to patent them. What next? They sue people for having cells expressing 'their' patented genes? I hope for the sake of science that this doesn't go ahead.
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