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Originally Posted by Livewire View Post
Ok, given that you have three main gods of Greek mythology, you could model them off of the Kami trio if you wanted, and make them humanoid. Or, you could just go by animals or concepts that the Gods themselves represent.

Hades - Fire/Dark - Think the Balrog from the Lord of The Rings, The Three headed Dog Cerberus, or like a 'grim reaper' archetype.

Zeus - Electric/Flying - Zeus often took the form of an eagle or bull, and was the Sky God who wielded the famous Lightning bolt. Tauros/Braviary + Zapdos?

Poseidon - Water - Any kind of large fish or sea creature, really - Dolphins, especially. Could kind of conflict with Kyogre, though.
Exellent suggestions! Especialy the zeus thing. A fusion with those would certainly be unique. I personaly was thinking a lightning pegasus with horns etcs, but maybe a bird is the way to go.

Poseidon should also be distinctiveas a water legendary but yet unique. A dolphin certainly would be a new idea.

The hades as a grim reaper archetype is a little mixed bag for me. Yes the grim reaper represents death and is an easy to follow consept. But Im feeling a little worried about these humanoid type pokemons. I dont know. Maybe I just cant Imagine them well. :'D

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