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Well ok, why not.

✜ If a PLAYER is slain, the KISS has to be given to the corpse and the DREAMSELF will come alive.

✜ If a DREAMSELF is slain, the PLAYER will nevermore dream on the MOONS.

✜ If a PLAYER with a dead DREAMSELF is slain, the player enters the AFTERLIFE.

: r...e...d...u...x

A strangely dramatic view and cryptic text comprises the front of the game you just received in the mail. It is called CHESS but it is a computer game and not a tabletop game. Inside, you find a thin leaflet telling you that CHESS will challenge gaming as humanity knows it by featuring both creating and building, hack'n'slash killing, adventurous mysteries and the most vivid and challenging roleplaying since the days of text games.

Unsuspecting or not, you eventually do install the game and attempt to play it together with other seemingly random people across the world who have received a similar copy of CHESS from an anonymous sender. Little do you know that this game is the only chance for you and your newfound friends to survive the apocalypse that the very existence of the game brought about in the first place...

That teaser good enough for you, friend?
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