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Originally Posted by RandomDSdevel View Post
Yeah, me too! Also, I'm very happy that you were able to solve the potential conflict between the old contest system and Emerald's Battle Tents by relegating the job of alerting players of the Battle Frontier to television announcers. And if anyone complains about how far apart the different sub-competitions' hosting cities are, I'm going to dive-bomb them from my Wingull (LOL — could the weakling even support my weight? Maybe I should ride Pelipper instead…) while it's using Fly!
Yeah, I was always checking the TV for things like seeing friends appear on shows after mixing records and then there's the stuff like where they advertise special events like the one regarding the rooftop sale in Lilycove where you can buy some rare decorations for your secret base that you can only get during the event, for example.

I didn't really use the Battle Tents much because they seemed like disembodied parts of the Frontier; It's not like they even added one for each of the seven facilities(if they really wanted to be helpful because of each having different rules, etc). It also makes more sense, imo, to have the different level of contests separated(kind of like the anime and having to travel around to advance), we do have Fly.

You know what? Speaking of contests, that could be a little side expansion in the main journey. Wally ended up being more of a rival in the end than Brendan/May anyways(they didn't even have fully evolved starters in the end!), so why can't we meet up with the latter two in contests instead, or at least I'd hope they play more of a role in the main plot. We can still battle them but this would allow for Wally to be added into the mix better(he did have a little story behind him so why not let him have a bigger role like it seemed should have happened?).

Ideas like that would help breathe a little fresh air into the main playthrough while not having to really break anything.

Originally Posted by RandomDSdevel View Post
...But I can concede that each of the Pokémon games has allowed most players to catch plenty of Pokémon regardless of these creatures' region of origin.
I could be a little biased because I buy spin offs but, aside from being time-consuming, it hasn't been that big of an issue to 'catch em' all' in the past. I guess I can see how those who didn't would've had more of an issue but now we have WiFi so there should be next to no issues from now on regarding event Pokemon. That's why I see no reason for availability to have too much of a play.
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