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    For the first picture there's just Facebook, sadly. But there's already information of boxes being left all over the country. Leopoldo López (One of the leaders of the party: PJ "Justice First") tweeted some hours ago about it. There's also information about militars being arrested because of their opposition to Maduro's proclaim. The other pictures are ones taken from friends of mine. I mean, we all live right next to the CNE's (National Electoral Council) local office.

    Here some pictures of the offices in other cities:

    Henrique Capriles said that if Maduro gets proclaimed as president today before the recount, everyone will start a pacific (which of course it's not going to be) protest at 8pm.

    I'm not sure what to make of it. The ruling party is able to influence most government machinery so they'll probably let these militant activists get away with it. Apparently there's coverage on iCNN.
    That's exactly it. The reason for the recount is because there's already info about boxes of votes being tossed and burned around the country.

    Oh just something extra: I have class today, and with so many people outside I can't even get out of my building.

    Edit: Maduro is being proclamed right now as you read all this

    Edit 2:

    This is urgent, I mean, this is happening (as for NOW) right next to my building!!

    VIDEO from Facebook:

    A little terrorist group called the tupamaros, shooted students protesting in front of the CNE at 12-1am (Vzlan Time). The national guards fired back at them, and two were found dead.
    There's a lot of people injured, and is speculated that they were sent by a oficialist commander. (The watchman of my building said that to me)

    It's not Ok in any way. I respect other people's opinion but this is just going too far: my friends got injured.
    Sorry for my bad english.

    Edit 3: It's 3:35am, I can't sleep. Got a better video filmed by one of the students:

    They're saying: "Shots! Shots! Run! Run!" "Careful, these are the violent ones, violent -Chavistas-" "Bullets!" "Long Live Venezuela! ****" "Freedom" "Long Live Venezuela" "We're not afraid of you!" "Let's go up, I'm not gonna stop filming. Here, here!" "Let's go up, come on, we're safe here" "Sirs, they're fighting with the people, the people that's protesting pacifically" "There they are, look" "The Armed Force has acted well" "Is someone hurt?" "This is what **** Maduro wanted!"
    ---Some screaming with forbbiden words---
    "They were tupamaros, they were tupamaros" "Lberty/Freedom" He yells.
    "Oh no, they're fighting there again"
    "It was a violent group that threatened us 3 times, from 11pm to now (12am-1am)" "They've tried to enter, but the police guarded us" "They came up later shooting. We were just sitting, in a pacifical attitude" "Here they are, here they are" "Like the other parts of the country, oficialists, government people. I don't knwo if they were sent from the government but there's people that came to kill the students, and they're taking them arrested" "LET'S GO OUTSIDE!" "Those were like 300 shots" "We're not afraid! We're not afraid!" "Let's go downstairs"

    Please, someone has to do something...

    Please forgive my horrible english as it's not my primary language.
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